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We are sold out again! Due to the high number of orders coming in now we are going to upgrade to a bigger Storage to keep up with the demand.

There will be 10% off for any order coming in right now and our shipping will resume on 15.08.19.

At this point we would like to say thank you to all of you guys for supporting us and helping to make our dream come true.

               LeetDesk und Navi Partnershaft logo

Finally official: One of the leading E-Sport Teams Natus Vincere – or NAVI – is now official Partner of LeetDesk. 

We are proud to be able to call the top athletes from NAVI our LeetDesk brothers in arms that will help us conquer the world! LeetDesk helps to keep your concentration even in long practice sessions. The possibility to stand up while watching VODs or just strech out was also well received by the Team, it helps to get the bloodflow going.

Click here for the official NAVI announcement

                    LeetDesk und 4Players verlosen im 4players Adventskalender einen LeetDesk Goliath Gaming Schreibtisch


We are giving away a brand new fully upgraded LeetDesk Goliath together with 4Players.de till 01.12.2018 – All you need to do is enter the giveaway HERE and you are in! Good Luck to everyone and Merry Christmas!

Your LeetDesk Team

Thanks to everyone that participated in our Gamescom Aim-Challenge and everyone that came by to visit us! We were lucky enough to witness some incredible aimers and we had a great time!

We are very happy to announce the winner of our Aim-Challenge. The Aim-Uber-God is no one else but B0aty (twitch.tv/b0aty). Congratulations from the entire LeetDesk Team and lots of fun with your brand new LeetDesk!

Visit us at Gamescom. We are located in Hall 10.1 !

You want to win a LeetDesk Gaming Table? Proove yourself in our Aim-Challenge and show us just how good your aim is. Try to hit as many marks as you can in 60 seconds! If you are Rank 1 at the end of Gamescom we will send you a brand new fully upgraded LeetDesk of your choosing. Every participent will also receive a 15% Discount-Code!

LeetDesk auf der Gamescom 2018 - Aim Challenge PosterLeetDesk Produkt FlyerLeetDesk auf der Gamescom 2018
August 19th 2018, 19:53. In the very last week we managed to get an exhibitor spot at Gamescom Cologne! Everything has to be quick now, we only have around 1 day to build our booth and set everything up. Gamescom opens 21.08 at 9AM. Said and done! Our booth is almost ready at the 20.08 around 22:00PM. Some minor tweaks tomorrow morning before opening and we are ready to go. See you there!

LeetDesk.com is now fully LIVE!

We are happy to announce that we are finally able to bring our high quality Gaming desks to your gaming rooms! To celebrate our opening we will be giving away 20% discount codes on our LeetDesks. Here is our new Shop.

If you have any questions regarding our LeetDesk products we are happy to answer everything at: info@leetdesk.com

Thanks to everyone that visited us at DH Masters Marseille. We were very happy about all of your enthusiasm about our LeetDesk Gaiming Table. Even tho we were still in “beta-phase” your feedback was invaluable. Together with your feedback and hard work we were able to polish our LeetDesk in order to elevate your Gaming Experience. 

LeetDesk – Elevate Your Game!