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Electrically height adjustable gaming desk

LeetDesk has been designed with one goal in mind: To improve your gaming experience. By realizing this goal we’ve come up with the best possible gamer desk yet.

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Sit Stand Focus

NO NEED TO TRY OUT – The gaming desk is height adjustable, therefore it always matches your body height and makes sure you sit in the right position – every time.

Gaming desk for pc gaming sitting at the desk leetdesk
adustable gaming desk leetdesk pc gaming standing

RAISE YOUR CONCENTRATION AND STAMINA by occasionally standing up while gaming. Standing improves blood circulation and relaxes the neck area and lower back. By the way, you also lose more calories too.


stand focus


Keep control even during longer sessions thanks to the slightly textured desk surface. The desk surface reduces friction of your arms and thus generate less heat.


Be closer to the game action with the unique cockpit design of the pro variant. Comfortably rest your lower arms on the ergonomic sides and keep the focus on the game.


The strong MDF tabletop Made-In-Germany endures even the toughest of your ragequits. No matter how much hardware you load onto your desk it will stay stable and remain unbent.



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no distractions


Cables everywhere, flashing computers light in the corner of your eye, and rigid monitor stands just distract from what really matters: A focused gaming session! Thanks to cable management rails, pc holder, and monitor arms, these problems belong to the past.


No distractions

FOCUS YOUR EYES ON WHAT MATTERS. Cables everywhere, flashing computers light in the corner of your eye, and rigid monitor stands just distract from what really matters: A focused gaming session! Thanks to cable management rails, pc holder, and monitor arms, these problems belong to the past.


At the push of a button the gaming computer table rises. You have the flexibility to set its height starting at 63 cm to 128 cm however you like. Now you can adjust your favorite height comfortably while gaming.


The handset allows you to save up to 4 macros. Now you can simply preset your favorite sitting and standing position and change them with ease.


The CE-certified stainless steel desk frame sits firmly on the ground and is skid-proof. Thanks to adjustable sliders the table can be evenly positioned on uneven surfaces as well. The powerful engine lifts up to 100 kilograms.


The modern gaming desk comes anti-collision system. In case of any person or object (people, chairs, computers..) being in the way when the desk is changing its height, it will stop in an instant to prevent harm.

"I have even more things I can adjust mid game now"

Esports Commentator

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be quiet! feat. LeetDesk

For their product launch of the Dark Power Pro 12, be quiet! relied on our LeetDesk to make their product presentation pop!

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LeetDesk - What you need to know

What is LeetDesk?

LeetDesk is a desk specifically designed and developed for gaming. It is build to satisfy the needs of professional e-sport athletes and enthusiast gamers. The gaming desk from LeetDesk gives you the opportunity to fully focus on your match. We put gaming front and center with an ergonomic design, the ability to adjust the height and useful additions such as the cable management rail. The LeetDesk takes a pass on playful design in order to fully commit to maximum stability and a minimum of distraction.

What is the difference to a normal desk?

Desk are universally used, be it for writing a letter, storing documents or placing a computer. However, this is where the problems starts: Oftentimes, a desk is not made for heavy hardware and unstable desks get shaky especially in more heated matches. If micro-lagging or low refresh rates decide over your victory, a shaky desk will not do you any good.

What’s more, a desk often has places to store documents but offers little for hiding cables or other hardware. For us gamers it is vital to have clean setup – everything else just doesn’t cut it.

Lastly, a normal desk mostly lacks in the ergonomic department. For starters, most desks come in the same height. Thus, these cannot adapt perfectly to your body size. Of course, there are height adjustable desks which are not made for gaming. These, however, often don’t take heavy gamer hardware into account. This can lead to slow desk movements or even to situations where the desk cannot move up anymore at all.

The LeetDesk adjustable gaming desk is made to stay steady in every situation. With a load capacity of over 80 kgs (176 lbs) you can make sure that it handles any kind of hardware with ease. The certified steel frame can be adjusted with gliders and won’t budge an inch. Speaking of heavy hardware, your PC can be easily stored directly under the table with our PC holder add-on that allows for towers up to 20kg (44 lbs).

It doesn’t matter how small or tall you are, the electrically height adjustable gaming desk makes sure you always sit in the right position. It even allows for gaming while standing. Multiple studies show that standing occasionally at the desk relieves neck and shoulder pain. Another positive effect is that it improves blood flow and therefore increases concentration. So why not farm standing in your favorite RPG and then sit down when you need to focus again.

Because LeetDesk is made for pc gaming, we made sure to enable you to have a clean setup – no cable clutter and with lots of space for the important things such as large mouse pads or keyboards. The unique table cut-out of our gaming pc desk gives you a cockpit feel while enabling you at the same time to rest your arms comfy on the desk.

What configuration options are there?

The LeetDesk gaming desk offers various ways for configuration. At this point you can choose between

  • 2 desk sizes: 155 x 75 cm (61 x 29,5 inches) & 140 x 7 cm (55 x 27,5 inches)
  • 2 desk variants: “Classic” and “Pro” (“Pro” features our signature cockpit cut-out)
  • 3 Add-Ons: Cable management rail, PC holder & monitor arm(s)



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