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Optimal desk

Optimal desk height for gaming and working - here's how to set it perfectly!

The ideal desk height

The ideal desk height for gaming is not only decisive for victory or defeat, but can also lead to hand, neck or shoulder pain sooner or later if it is incorrectly adjusted. In this article we explain why only changing the height of your chair is not enough to have a healthy sitting posture and what else you need to pay attention to.

The “correct” desk height - A myth?

The most common height of a desk is 72 cm (28.35”). This is the standard height these days, but it only serves as the ideal size for people who are around 180 cm (70.87”) tall. However, if you are shorter or taller than 180 cm (70.87”), then this type of desk height is not a suitable option.

In our blog articles, we generally talk about an “optimal” or “ideal” desk height and not a “correct” desk height. The idea that there is a single correct desk height is in itself outdated. In theory, there is a “perfect” sitting posture that relieves your body most effectively, but any posture that you stay in for too long is bad in principle. You can find more about this topic in our blog article “Sitting correctly at the PC – for healthy and better gaming”.

Tips for adjusting your desk ergonomically:

The “right” or healthy desk height is always about you feeling comfortable and sitting relaxed. You should consider the following points:

  1. Your body must be placed in an ergonomic position so that your muscles don’t have to work much. This way you can concentrate fully on your match or your work and are not negatively affected by an uncomfortable or artificial sitting posture.
  2. Change your sitting position as often as you can – for example, between different games or for different tasks within a game. If you have a height-adjustable gaming table, it is also advisable to vary the desk height. Adhering to the calculated height of a desk height calculator is not so important. It is much more important that you feel comfortable and relaxed.
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Calculating the ideal desk height

As already mentioned, there is no right or wrong standing or sitting position at the desk. It is only important to often change your position. This is also referred to as “dynamic sitting” or standing. And the following applies to every position: You should feel comfortable! From an ergonomic point of view, the most important thing is to put your body in an optimal position so that your muscles don’t have to work too much. In esports, there are three main categories to consider:

  1.  Your monitor setting
  2.     Your peripherals
  3.     Your components for an optimal body support

In the ergonomically ideal sitting position, the top of the screen is at your eye level and the tabletop is around the height of your belly button. Your arms and shoulders are lowered and just fall relaxed on the table. 

You can calculate your ideal desk height by using the following table as a guide:

158 cm42 cm63 cm
165 cm44 cm65 cm
173 cm47 cm68 cm
180 cm48 cm71 cm
187 cm50 cm74 cm
201 cm54 cm79 cm

The optimal desk height is crucial for an ergonomic sitting position

How can I adjust the height of my desk?

To adjust the desk height correctly, you have the following options:

  1.  For example, you place wooden blocks or books under the table legs to raise the table.
  2.     You use a normal desk attachment or a height-adjustable desk attachment. However, we advise gamers not to use these, as they are not very stable and your setup could wobble.
  3.     You use a height-adjustable desk. You can choose between a manually or electrically adjustable desk.

*Important: Not every height-adjustable desk can be moved to under 70 cm. Depending on your height and preferences, this may make the height-adjustable table questionable. This limitation usually applies to 2-segment desks, but not to 3-segment desks (as well as the LeetDesk).

Monitor adjustment

Many people overlook the importance of monitor adjustments when setting up their desk. Your desk height also affects your viewing angle. For example, the monitor should only be placed at a height where your eyes are in perfect contact with the display. Your eyes should not be strained.

The monitor should ideally be placed so that your eyes meet the top quarter of the monitor and is 1 arm’s length (± 1 hand’s length) away. The monitor should also be tilted slightly backwards. Of course, the ideal position of your monitor also depends on your game genre. With FPS titles, gamers tend to have the monitor as close as possible in order to recognise opponents more quickly and thus be able to react faster. With strategy games, on the other hand, an overview of the entire monitor is preferred in order to better assess the situation and plan tactics.

A monitor mount can help to find the perfect monitor height for oneself or to change it depending on the game or work.

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What happens if your desk is set too high?

  1. You will push your shoulders up to reach the desk height. Sitting for hours in this position can cause spinal problems in the long run.
  2.     Your arms will be pushed upwards, affecting the blood supply there – This leads, among other things, to slower arm movements and thus poorer aiming.
  3.     Your neck and muscles surrounding the neck area become tense, which can lead to poor concentration and headaches.

What happens if your desk is set too low?

  1. Your spine is forced to bend. A hunched posture over a long period of time tenses your shoulders a lot – not very conducive to shoulder problems.
  2. And your forearms cannot fully rest on the tabletop. Not only can this cause long-term pain, but it also leads to less control when aiming due to the extra tension.

Summary: Ideal desk height

In general, it can be said that there is no “right desk height”. It is healthy to often change your sitting posture and to feel comfortable in your position. You can use a desk height calculator to calculate several ideal desk heights and use them as a guide. However, you should not forget that the height of your monitor, armrest and chair also play an important role in healthy sitting.

If you are thinking about buying a new gaming desk, make sure that the height of the desk roughly corresponds to your body measurements. Ideally, the desk should be height-adjustable so that you can not only set it to the perfect height for you, but also vary the height frequently. The gaming desk should also offer enough space so that you can comply with the 1-arm rule for monitor distance. Find out what else a gaming desk should be able to do in our gaming desk guide.

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