Was macht den besten Zocker Tisch aus?

Gaming desk

Gaming desk VS normal desk + What to look out for when buying!

Do I need a gaming desk?

The gaming desk is the centrepiece of your gaming room, after all, it’s where everything happens. But can a desk make a difference when gaming? We say that a proper gaming desk not only has to look good, but ideally it should also benefit your gaming performance. This is significantly influenced by the comfort, design and functionality of the desk. In this article, we reveal the differences between any normal desk and a gaming desk and explain what is important when buying one.

Gaming desk ideas and inspirations

Before we dive into the analysis of a gaming desk, let’s take a look at a few battle stations from the web to get a first impression.

As we can see, there are no limits to the imagination – but all that glitters is not always gold. That’s why we’re now taking a closer look at what makes a good gaming desk.

Difference gaming desk vs. office desk

Computer desks, corner desks and gaming desks – aren’t they all the same thing? What is the difference here?

A good desk should give you comfort and it should not get in the way of your health, i.e. it should be ergonomic. Computer desks and corner desks are primarily used to store documents and create more space and order. They contain drawers and compartments and come in many different materials, shapes and colours. The main purpose of a PC gaming desk is to push your game, which is why the term ergonomics is in the foreground. For this reason, table manufacturers bring height- and surface-adjustable tables onto the market. Of course, there are also ergonomic office desks, but in terms of price they are often much more expensive. This is usually because manufacturers charge unnecessarily high mark-ups, as they are aimed at offices with a corresponding budget. Gaming desks also stand out visually from the average office desk, making them a perfect fit for a gaming room. Finally, it should be said that a gaming desk is also suitable for a PS4 or other console gamers, especially when it comes to more concentrated matches.

What materials is a gaming desk made of and what shape makes sense?


Zocker Tisch Material. Besser aus Holz
Der Tisch besteht idealweise aus robustem Holz

Desks for gaming can be made of different materials. But which material is best suited for a gaming desk? In principle, it is important that the top is made of a durable material such as solid plastic or wood and that the frame is also made of strong wood or some form of metal. Glass desks are nice to look at, but they are not practical. They are not very stable and will not survive your many rage quits.


Eine schlechte Zocker Tisch Form
Nicht alles was sich Computertisch nennt ist auch für Gamer geeignet...

There are several shapes for gaming desks: Rectangular, square, over-corner, with a straight edge or with a cut-out. The most common shape is a rectangular table. You usually won’t go wrong with this shape, as in most cases there is enough space for several screens and your PC. A square table is usually more compressed and doesn’t give you the opportunity to spread out on your desk – especially if you have several monitors. Depending on the room layout, a corner desk is more suitable.  This way you can make full use of your room space and even save room. It’s just more difficult to find a good ergonomic corner desk.

What makes a good gaming desk?

Desk height and ergonomics

Höhenverstellbare Zocker Tische sind von Vorteil
Die Sitzhöhe trägt maßgeblich zum Komfort und Ergonomie beim Zocken bei

First of all, the height of the table is one of the most important factors. The optimal desk height depends on your own height and your sitting preferences when gaming. Most office desks have a standard height of 72 centimetres and are therefore only suitable to a limited extent. A height-adjustable gaming desk can certainly be an option to meet your needs and have a varied posture. For health reasons, many factors speak in favour of standing occasionally when gaming. This helps to avoid neck and back pain, which can often dampen gaming fun and concentration. Standing not only stimulates the circulation and thus the mind, but also burns on average 30% more calories than sitting. Of course, for many it is a change to stand at a desk, but recently there have been more and more studies that show the advantages of standing. So when farming or playing less hectic games, standing can be more beneficial than detrimental to you. Finally, it is important to make sure that height-adjustable gaming desks can lift enough load – with a thick tower, monitors and other accessories, a desk can become very heavy and wobbly.

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Desk cut-out

Ausschnitt an einem Zocker Tisch
Ob man einen Ausschnitt braucht kommt auf die eigenen Vorlieben an | Credit: LeetDesk

The shape of the tabletop is also often an important element that makes a gaming desk stand out. Many models have a cut-out at the edge of the seat – this is to allow you to sit closer to the monitor and feel part of the game. But caution is advised here: Depending on the type of cut-out, it is no longer possible to rest your forearms on the desk. In addition, of course, some space is lost.


Gaming Tisch Platz. Gamer brauchen einen stabilen Tisch mit festem Stand.
Kleine Gaming Tische mit 120cm und geringer Tiefe könnten für viele zu klein sein

Another important factor is that your gaming desk offers you enough space, because computers, monitors and your pro-gamer mouse pad can take up a lot of space. But you can also save space by using certain utensils, such as a PC mount or monitor arm. At the end of the day, a tidy gaming setup always looks better.

The design and appearance of your desk is of course also important, even if the functions are initially the main focus. After all, your gaming desk must encourage you to play well and radiate a cool look. You can, for example, set the scene for your gaming desk yourself with LEDs. Click here to read more about decorating your gaming room.

Helpful accessories for a gaming desk

Of course, you can always upgrade your gaming desk. Some accessories help you keep your gaming desk tidy, some are for lifestyle and others are more bad than good. Let’s take a look at the following items:

PC holder

PC halterung für gaming tische machen sinn

A PC holder is very helpful if you do not want to place your computer on a desk or on the floor. The computer is then hung under the tabletop and is protected from dirt, dust and damage. Too much dust can block your fan and cause your PC to overheat, which of course affects your gaming performance. A PC mount can be mounted both horizontally and vertically. There are PC mounts in various sizes and designs, so it all depends on what you like and how much money you want to spend. 

Cable management

Kabelmanagement bei einem Zocker Setup ist essentiell

Cable management systems are important for keeping your room tidy. Cable clutter not only gives your gaming setup an unprofessional appearance, but can sometimes be distracting. There are different types of cable management systems, e.g. cable rails or cable hoses or a combination of these.

Monitor holder

Monitorhalterungen sorgen für mehr Platz auf deinem PC Tisch

A monitor stand or arm helps you to adjust your computer screen to the perfect height for you. The most important feature here is the swivel arm with its height adjustability. Monitor arms help you maintain a healthy posture while gaming and adjust the screen width depending on the game. Another advantage is that you create more space on the desk because the feet are no longer needed!

Keyboard drawer

Oh no. For gamers, such a part is clearly not advisable, unless you use it exclusively to store the keyboard nicely in attendance. They are not suitable for gaming, because pull-out drawers are often wobbly! This is definitely not an ideal condition for an important match.

Gamepad stand

If you also like to play with controllers on your PC, you could think about getting a gamepad holder or stand. This holder ensures that your controllers are always protected from dirt and creates more order on your desk. A few long nails in the wall can also do the trick.

Printer holder

If you also use your gaming desk for work, we recommend a printer holder to save even more space. You can easily attach the bracket to the desk or you can buy one that attaches to your wall. Another option is to use a WLAN-enabled printer, which you can then store somewhere else.

Drink holder

Mechanical keyboards aren’t so mechanical after you’ve spilled a litre of energy drink on them. To protect your gaming accessories from spills, you can use a drink holder. This is easily attached to your desk as a clip.

Gaming desk upgrade for your battle station

Cable management and more

Electrically adjustable height

High-quality workmanship

Gaming Tisch für Gaming Zimmer

Found the perfect desk?

The perfect desk for gaming should not only have a cool design, but also be robust, resilient and ergonomic. The desk should ideally have a useful cut-out on the tabletop and be height-adjustable. For a tidy gaming setup, it is recommended to use various accessories and a well thought-out cable management system.

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