LeetDesk is the result of a true need: To have a reliable base of operations that benefits health, performance and, of course, fits your style. To get that right, we are constantly improving our LeetDesk with the help of our partners. Since the very beginning we were collecting valuable feedback from professional esport players at events such as Dreamhack or Gamescom. Our partners help us optimize the LeetDesk to fit the high demands pro gamers have for hardware.

BIG - Berlin International Gaming

Berlin International Gaming is a premier, world-class esport organization founded and based in Berlin. BIG plays among the top players worldwide in Counter Strike: Global Offensive, League of Legends, Valorant, and other games.

Beside the obvious reasons to utilize LeetDesks (like playing in an ergonomic position), the team uses them to prepare for tournaments with fixed desk heights. Game breaks are spent in a standing position to get their blood flow going for maximum focus in the rounds to come.



CGN Esports is an upcoming esports brand headquartered on the RFH Campus in Cologne, Germany. Launched in 2020, the organization aims to enable gamers, streamers and fans alike to pursue their passion for esports.

Both we at LeetDesk and the team at CGN Esports share the same ambitious goal – to position ourselves at the top of our respective game – and with this partnership we took a great step forward in this endeavor.


TaKeTV stands for all the good things in gaming and esports. Besides TaKeTVs legendary events, they also operate a popular gaming bar in the charming German city of Krefeld.

So if you want to hang out with like-minded people, play new and old video games and have a drink after work, head over to TaKe’s bar. Now, we’re happy to say that the bar’s PC gaming area has been equipped with various LeetDesks of different styles to elevate TaKeTV’s gaming experience.

1337 camp x LeetDesk gaming desk partner

1337 Camp

The 1337 Camp is the biggest gaming bootcamp center in Europe. With its two locations and over 75 elite gaming stations there is nothing left to be desired. Everyday, esport teams from around the world come here to prep for tournaments in the area.

Because 1337 Camp only uses high-end hardware, the whole camp is equipped with LeetDesk gaming desks to make sure every player is feeling right at home from the minute they’re sitting down – after all, they can emulate the setup their accustomed to. Since many teams often spend weeks or even months in the camp, they appreciate the option to stand at their desk whenever they’re not practicing. 

Ad hoc Gaming x LeetDesk gaming desk partner


Ad hoc gaming is a German esport organization with a mission to establish esports more in our society. Its young and upcoming team is focused on League of Legends who have their eyes fixed on climbing the ladder!

With LeetDesk, the ad hoc gaming aims to give its team that little something while also making sure that their players adopt a healthy posture that will contribute to their long-term performance for years to come.


Interested in a partnership? We are!

Whether you are an established, successful E-Sport team, an upcoming team with some strong growth to flaunt with, a boot camp or something else entirely, don’t hesitate to reach out!