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The Idea

LeetDesk was born from a simple idea: To rethink one of the most underrated pieces of gaming equipment and turn it into something that helps gamers play better and healthier.

The Story

It was around March, 2017 and Meiko, the OG of LeetDesk, was just finishing a practice round in CS:GO with his team. Having practiced for almost 3 hours straight, his injured shoulder reminded him to take it easy. He examined his setup to see if there was anything he could do to combat this problem and further improve performance: “I have it all… A fast gaming PC, a 144hz monitor, a leading mouse and keyboard; heck, even an ergonomic chair”. But he couldn’t shake the feeling that something crucial was missing. While exhibiting every item from left to right his eyes suddenly got stuck on the table he was sitting at and that’s when it hit him. He spent a fortune on his setup but never considered that this decade old, wobbly desk might not only be a drag on his gaming performance but also perpetuating his shoulder problems. A quick search on Google revealed that the was sitting way too high at his desk, impinging his shoulder and neck joints. After buying a high-quality gaming chair recently he started looking for desks made for professional gamers. Unfortunately, his search only led him to find relics from 90s or products that did not look very stable. Finally, when Meiko attended the ESL Cologne in 2017 he realized that even even the best pro-gamers in the world play on bad, wacky looking desks. That simply couldn’t stand.
Diving deeper into the ergonomics of desks he finally settled on getting a height-adjustable – or so called standing – desk. Because most desks are made for people between 1,70 – 1,80 cm he had to dismiss any of the standard-height desks available due to his height of 1,87cm. To his dismay, he could only find boring looking standing desks designed for office – none of which would fit into his carefully crafted gaming corner.

The solution? Good old Do-It-Yourself! With a background in material science he looked into what makes a sturdy, high-quality standing desk without breaking the bank. Of course, it also had to match the gaming-aesthetics of his setup: The first LeetDesk was born! Long story short, Meiko was convinced that he isn’ t the only one in need of something like this and founded the company – leetdesk.com went live in June 2018!

A few months later Florian, Meiko’s gaming buddy since high school days joined as Co-Founder to bring in the necessary ecommerce and marketing expertise. The team has been steadily growing since.

The Team

Our team consists of various specialists but first and foremost, we are all gamers! We place high importance on the fact that everyone who works with us can identify with the needs and desires of gamers. Our ultimate goal is not to manufacture desks but to make sure that you enjoy gaming in the best possible way!


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3D Druid



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