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LED Gaming Desk


Product description

LeetDesk presents: The AURA – RGB Gaming Desk

Our upcoming LED gaming desk will be equipped with a full RGBW capable LED strip that forms the outer edge of the desk. Integrate the AURA into your setup at home by matching it to any color. Simply change the AURA’s color by using our app or sync it with your smart home solution.

Adjust the gaming desk’s LED intensity to create a spectaular scenery at home or emit only a subtle ambience light – after all, we don’t want to distract you from your game!

Choose from emitting a steady color or go bonkers with a plethora of effects like pulse, wave, rainbow and more.

Important notice

The LeetDesk AURA is currently under development. Therefore, we can only show you a 3D-Rendering of the final product at this point. As development progresses we will update you with more footage and details. 

Please be advised that the final look of the prodcuct could change in the course of the development. Needless to say, we aim to stick as close as possible to our concept.

Pre-order today for early access and save €

We aim to release the LeetDesk AUR by Christmas 2022 – if possible earlier.

In the beginning we can only manufacture a small quantity of our RGB gaming desk so if you want to be the first to upgrade your setup please pre-order today to get on our waiting list. Moreover, you’ll be benefitting of our price guarantee. Prices for future shipments will increase!

Don’t worry, you will NOT be charged until the product is ready to be shipped + you can cancel your pre-order anytime for free.

LeetDesk AURA Pro


free shipping included

LeetDesk AURA Classic


free shipping included


For more details on desk specifications please check out our feature and product page.

The LeetDesk Aura is compatible with all our Add-Ons, however, we advise purchasing them once the desk is released.


We aim to release the AURA before Christmas 2022. We will update this page with more information once available. If you pre-order, we will also notify you about every update via email.

Pre-ordering will benefit not only you but will also support us in various ways:

  1. Be the first to own a LeetDesk AURA. We plan to release a first shipment of AURAs by Christmas 2022. Due to the novelty of this desk, we plan to release a smaller shipment first and then scale up production. Therefore, following shipments will take some weeks or even months to ship. By pre-ordering you’ll have a spot on our first shipment list guaranteed!
  2. The price for further shipments will increase – by pre-ordering now you will pay only the current price!
  3. Developing new products like this requires a substantial investment upfront – no small feat for a startup like ours. By pre-ordering we can gauge how much demand there is and minimize financial risk 🙂

No. When pre-ordering, you do not have to pay right away. Once the desk is available you will be notified and your payment will be processed. If at any point you wish to cancel your pre-order you can do so free of charge.


The LeetDesk AURA comes in 160×80 cm and is available in Style “Pro” and “Classic”.

All AURAs come with the anti-fingerprint “Ghost Touch” surface by default.

Of course you do! Simply use our on-site chat (lower left corner) to hit us up with open questions.